Entry #4

Postco day

2016-05-14 10:04:19 by AlexSarzosa

its been about a week now sense pico day, and ive been debating on making a post or not, but here it goes.

Pico day was the fuckin time of my life, i talked to so many cool people, so many new connections with people i never even knew before, it was just fucking perfect. I posted a big twitter thing about all the people who drew in my sketchbook n shit, if you wanna see that go to my twitter: https://twitter.com/themightyalotor

Ive been extreamly inspired lately and hope to release shit as soon as possible, ive been streaming off and on and wanna trun it into a weekly thing. Streaming always seems to help me work better. If you wanna watch me do that kinda stuff then check out: https://www.twitch.tv/themightyalotore123/profile

the point is, theres gonna be a lot of new and exciting trhings happening in the near future, so just stay tuned.


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2016-05-14 17:02:40

"Ive been extreamly inspired lately"
You should've been more careful with your spelling
"wanna trun it into a weekly thing"
You might wanna do tutoring weekly
"theres gonna be a lot of new and exciting trhings happening in the near future"
I would hope not a trhing is the sound a bird feeder makes!! I want cartoons damnit!!!

Love you Alex!! <3


2016-05-14 20:27:58

Looking forward to it!